Top 20 Platforms to Hire Logo Designer

An elaborate symbol, a curved font, or a graphic icon, a logo can be anything. But mainly, it is the face of a brand, a figure which shows the idea behind any brand. No matter the complexity or simplicity of the logo, it is an essential ingredient for you to create an image of your brand. However, not everyone can design a striking logo. You can find an impressive graphic designer for your logo, but how do you find a logo designer who understands your vision and needs? With a bright spotlight on originality, creativity, and cost-effectiveness, we have curated a list of the top 20 platforms to hire logo designers where you can find a talented designer for your brand. If you are looking to improve and transform your brand’s identity with a unique logo, then dive right in! Discover designers who can make the logo design process as smooth and refreshing as a warm summer breeze.



1. Fiver

With the purpose of changing the digital art world, Fiverr stands out as one of the most successful online marketplaces for artists and designers. It is a gig-based platform where you can hire logo designers for your next branding project. The variety of creative individuals and professional designers present on this digital platform offers an abundance of styles, concepts, and aesthetics. Whether you are with a young company or with a successful brand, every gig on Fiverr starts at a minimum of $5 and progresses with the details of the logo design which makes it best for all. You can find logo designers that match your style, and design idea and is budget-friendly. 

Fiverr also creates a positive environment with project management tools, where you can interact with your graphic designer more candidly. For a more refined search, Fiverr Pro offers a pool of skilled graphic designers where you can just choose the designer and relax while they do all the work. 

Fiverr also creates a positive environment with project management tools, where you can interact with your graphic designer more candidly. For a more refined search, Fiverr Pro offers a pool of skilled graphic designers where you can just choose the designer and relax while they do all the work. 



2. Upwork

One of the leading freelancing platforms and number second on our list is Upwork. It was founded in 2013 and has had a colossal of designers, and artists ever since. It includes branding designers, logo makers, and other creatives. Upwork enables smooth communication between designers and clients where designers can easily work on their ideas and concepts while the client can ask for changes. The platform’s user-friendly interface gives you a free hand to search and choose your favorite, skilled logo designer who will be perfect for your brand and also for your budget. To make the platform an exclusive space for convenient communication and project tracking, Upwork also offers project management functions such as milestone payments, project duration, edits, and feedback. 

Upwork lets you check your new hire’s previous work and interview options where you can negotiate the terms clearly before you make a decision. Whether you’re in the market for an appealing company logo or looking for creative talent for other design ventures, Upwork is the place for you.


Ingenious Guru

3. Ingenious Guru

Ingenious Guru is an online marketing and branding agency that understands that a striking logo is a key element in any company’s brand identity. With hundreds of expert graphic designers, it is a place where you can hire logo designer online according to your requirements and can make a long-lasting impression on your clientele. Their approach to logo design combines your brand value with their strategic thinking and creates a visually appealing logo that communicates the brand’s character. They also offer different categories for logos such as abstract, pictorial, combination, animated, etc., which shows their versatility and avant-garde nature of work.

Ingenious Guru offers three incredible pricing packages, each of which gives you at least 2 designers, 2-3 logo concepts, and some room for revisions. The vast variety of logo designs showcased on their website illustrates their mastery and experience.  



4. Freelancer

Another vibrant digital marketplace that allows you to easily hire online graphic designers and create an engaging environment is Freelancer. From seasoned experts to brilliant artists, Freelancer is filled with great designers who can work wonders for your brand. With a simple design interface, Freelancer gives a comfortable space to designers and clients where they can work with mutual understanding and balance. One of the unique aspects of Freelancer is its design tool which allows clients to share their design briefs and receive submissions from artists and designers worldwide.  

Here you can choose and hire a graphic designer who fits your company’s requirements. Freelancer makes the process of hiring incredible logo designers smooth and results in personalized and unique designs.



5. 99designs

99designs offers a unique style to hire a designer online through an exciting and engaging design contest. Its contrasting approach to other platforms allows you to create logo design competitions where you can upload your ideas and requirements and watch designers and logo makers work magic with their styles and visualization. This method makes 99designs a great place for people, who are looking for specifically custom-made logos, as it provides hundreds of creative outcomes to choose from. For small businesses, 99designs is a brilliant option as it offers designers who can create fresh and professional-level logo ideas.

With 99designs, simply create your logo brief and watch the bombardment of distinctive, custom-made logo designs.



6. Behance

Behance, crafted by Adobe, is a portfolio-based universe of designers who showcase their fluency in Adobe Creative Suite. With Behance, you will not just be browsing through designers’ portfolios, but you will be stepping into a world made up of incredibly talented artists and graphic designers, with their creative flair and proficiency on full display. Behance is like a candy store to hire logo designer, as you can see and sift through designers’ previous designs, recent works, and their particular approach to creating. It provides you with a timeline of the designer’s work and a sense of how their distinct style will match your vision of the logo. Behance turns seeking a perfect logo designer into an adventure for your visual storytelling journey.

Behance membership opens a world of creative potential and with just a few clicks, you can find and hire freelance logo designers.


Design Hill

7. Designhill

Design Hill is an exclusive and competitive marketplace to hire graphic designers. It stands out as a creatively inspired platform filled with designers who can bring your design vision to life. Design Hill solely works for graphic design projects with a core focus on logo designs. It offers a combination of crowdsourcing innovative designs and one-on-one collaborations with the designers. Whether you want to create a design contest to choose from hundreds of options or hire a full-time logo designer for more customized and complex logo concepts, Design Hill is a one-stop solution to all your design needs. You can also explore each designer’s digital art gallery to see their previous work and understand their design style.



8. Dribbble

Dribble has become a go-to platform to hire freelance logo designers for many clients. It was created as an exclusive designer community where designers showcased their work and inspired amateur artists. It has now evolved from its invitation-only origins and opened doors to millions of creative individuals. Its interface also progressed with a job board where you can engage, share feedback, and track your job. With Dribble Pro, you can have access to a well-curated collection of top-notch graphic designers from which you can hire the one that matches your design taste. It is similar to having a premium backstage pass to the world’s most exclusive design club.



9. Toptal

Another game-changer in the world of freelance is the online platform, Toptal, particularly created for those who are looking to hire a graphic designer with top-notch quality. It almost feels like an exclusive platform for the best designers out there. Its thorough selection process is proof that the over 2% of the designers that work through this platform are not just good, but the best ones in the world. For a client, hiring a logo designer from Toptal will be the best decision for your brand. A designer present at Toptal shows their level of command in graphic design. This platform solely focuses on precision pairing, meaning that they match you with a logo designer who is the correct choice for your design needs. It is created to save time and sweat in the hiring process. What’s more, it is also ideal for longer projects with features to pause and resume work. No hassle, no stress, just perfect outcomes.



10, Tailorbrands

Tailor Brands is a perfect platform to start for a beginner. It is a whole new take on the design process as you will be the one taking the wheel for your designs. Tailer brand offers a unique, fresh, and extremely user-friendly style to logo design by utilizing artificial intelligence as its core method. It simplifies the creative process with quick outcomes. Starting with a few basic business questions and some AI magic, Tailor Brand generates a collection of logos that are specifically tailored to your requirements. It also features a customization option that allows you to tweak your designs until you are satisfied. Purchase the design if you like and change it until it speaks to you with no hassle.


Design Crowd

11. DesignCrowd

Design Crowd is an exciting design platform for those looking to hire a logo designer online with a twist. It transforms the painstakingly challenging process of finding the right logo maker into a thrilling, affordable, and hassle-free process. Here, the process begins with a contest. Present your ideas and design briefs to a community of freelance graphic designers, and find your vision from their creatively interpretative submissions. It is without a doubt a guaranteed process to find the best logo for your brand. With a starting price of $99, it is a perfect source to explore a range of ideas and concepts before choosing the best one. And with their money-back guarantee, you can start searching for a new hire with nothing to lose.



12. Twine

Twine stands out as a diverse platform offering over 250 freelance services, including graphic design, marketing, and animation. It’s tailored specifically for freelancers in design, development, and marketing, aiming to seamlessly connect clients with skilled professionals effortlessly. Twine provides a simple process to hire an online graphic designer for your brand identity as it illustrates each designer’s work on their profile. This gives you a chance to browse through their unique work with their charm and choose the one that can help you with the vision of your logo. Twine also ensures that client makes the payment at the beginning and keeps it secure until they are satisfied. It is an ideal balance between talent, skills, engagement, and secure transactions.


Working Not Working

13. Working not Working

Working Not Working has made finding and hiring a professional logo designer for your project effortless. It harmoniously blends creativity and convenience under one platform to help you choose from the best logo designers out there. The portfolios by the designers display more than just their work, they present their inspirations and drives that express their creative personalities. Starting with 300 designers, Working Not Working has become one of the prominent websites to select a logo designer who shares your imaginative vision. The interesting idea behind its name is the most prominent and innovative feature called the “working not working” feature. It simply allows freelancers to show their availability status which makes it easier to browse with zero delay. Cool right? Working Not working also charges per hire instead of commission for all levels of experience.


Logo Arena

14. LogoArena

Logo Arena is exactly what its name suggests, it is an exciting arena of designers where you choose your favorite logo victor. It combines the professionalism of a freelance marketplace with the thrill of a crowdsource design contest. When you create the contest, you control all the elements of it including the idea, specific requirements for the logo, budget, and duration. Each contest also displays the description, prize money, and number of entries allowed. Logo Arena turns the hectic process of hiring a freelance logo designer into an interesting little game. The best part of Logo Arena is its guaranteed promise to return the money if the logo design does not match your vision. However, Logo Arena excels in providing unique and high-quality designs with no space for generic and recycled ideas.



People per Hour

15. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerhour is another platform with a simplified and affordable way for small businesses to enter the world of freelance. It is created particularly for those who have their target market in Europe. It offers flexible and reasonable pricing options including hourly rates or project-based rates that work for different budget requirements making it an ideal place to hire logo designer. “Hourlies” are the most prominent feature of PeoplePerHour which is best for quick tasks. With PeoplePerHour, you can easily post your job and attract the talent right for your job. You can also select and hire a designer directly by viewing the work on their profiles. PeoplePerHour is the go-to platform for small businesses looking to hire a logo maker with well-organized and cost-effective design answers without compromising quality and creativity.



16. Envato Studio

Envato Studio, an online studio for freelancers and services, is a perfect solution for those looking for quick and flexible design services that can deliver fast turnaround times. It offers a quite straightforward way of hiring freelance logo designers. Ranging from package designs to branding, and logo designing, Envato Studio gives you clear and convenient options. The packages they offer are budget and user-friendly and are made by both freelancers and design agencies. This studio makes the list due to its varying budget options and design services that can help you hire the graphic designer you need without any problem.


Inkbot Design

17. Inkbot Design

Inkbot Design is another great place to hire a freelance logo designer who offers a blend of inventiveness, expertise, and tailored solutions. It is a platform that can handle and solve your branding and logo complications. It generates branding concepts and logos that match your brand identity using unique and interesting ideas instead of going on the same old conventional ideas. The logos designed by Inkbot Design are impressive as they focus on the client’s vision and needs. Their process of designing includes your ideas and requirements mixed with designer skills creating a collaborative partnership that ultimately results in eye-catching logos.




18. FLD

If you’re looking for a streamlined and efficient way to hire a logo designer for your brand, then Freelance Logo Design (FLD) might be just what you need. Unlike other platforms, FLD offers a more focused style to logo design contests, awarding only three carefully chosen freelancers, each with two unique designs. This means that you get to choose from six high-quality designs. The designers themselves are highly qualified and motivated to invest their time and creativity into your project. FLD also offers a quick turnaround time, making it perfect for those who are on a tight schedule. This platform makes the entire design process transparent and user-friendly. If you find a design you like, you can claim it as it is or ask for unlimited revisions to ensure it perfectly fits your brand. 6 top designs with unlimited revisions, it’s an offer no one can refuse.



19. LogoDesignTeam

LogoDesignTeam is an online website housing a team of skilled designers who specialize in creating unique logos that will not only represent your brand but will also tell its story. They take a collaborative approach and work with clients to understand their business’s concept and idea, resulting in logos that symbolize the face of the brand they represent. With a complete focus on creativity and attention to little details, LogoDesignTeam transforms that client’s dream vision into a graphic reality. They blend the design brief inputs with their expertise which results in remarkable logos. The team leading the platform consists of some of the incredible graphic designers around the globe who can change and modify your business.



20. Guru

Guru is a freelance platform for excellent graphic designers. It helps in seamless connection, collaboration, and engagement with the designers which helps you visualize your idea through on-screen designs. Whether you need a standout logo or a designer with a fresh perspective, Guru got you covered with its secure and flexible platform. The hiring process through Guru is smooth and unproblematic making it a perfect spot to hire an online graphic designer. With just a few clicks, you can find the ideal freelance logo designer to elevate your brand’s identity.


What are the qualifications of a professional logo designer?

Professional logo designers have a p background in graphic design, expertise in design software, and a p portfolio showcasing their work. They should also have an understanding of design and branding principles and be able to interpret a company’s identity in visual form.

Why choose online platforms to hire freelance logo designers?

Online platforms offer a wide selection of designers with diverse styles and experiences. They also provide secure payment options, efficient communication tools, and built-in processes for feedback and revisions.

How can you find and hire logo makers on these platforms?

Start by browsing portfolios and reading client reviews of different designers. When you find a designer who matches your vision, you can contact them directly through the platform to discuss your project and negotiate terms.

What software and tools are commonly used by logo designers?

Professional logo designers typically use software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, and various sketching tools. They might also use specific logo design software and apps for initial concepts.

How much does it cost to hire graphic designers online usually?

The cost of hiring a logo designer online depends on factors such as the designer’s experience, the project’s complexity, and the time frame. Rates can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

How do freelance logo designers get rewarded on these platforms?

Reward methods are different for each platform. Some operate on a fixed-price basis, while others may charge hourly rates. Payment is usually made through the platform, which often holds the amount until the project is completed.

What types of projects typically require professional logo design services?

Any project that requires a unique brand identity, such as startups, rebranding efforts, product launches, and companies looking to refresh their image can benefit from professional logo design services.

How can AI and machine learning boost the logo design process on these platforms?

AI and machine learning can improve the logo design process by providing extrapolative design aesthetics, personalized design suggestions, and enhancing the collaboration process between designers and clients.