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Top 100 Logos Of The Most Famous Brands in The World

Top 100 Logos Of The Most Famous Brands in The World

Logos have always been an essential part of marketing and have played a crucial role in forming brand identities as they convey what that particular brand stands for.

Since the advent of social media logos have become more ubiquitous whether they be on our business cards, T.Vs or fridges.

Below is a list of logos of 100 companies and what they visualize:

  1. K.F.C(Kentucky Fried Chicken):

KFC logo

The Kentucky Fried Chicken or K.F.C for short is a fast food chain established in 1952 by Colonel Harland Sanders which popularized fried chicken.

While the past iterations of the logo were bland with the use of black and white colors and a serious looking Colonel Sanders with slight differences in text font.

The modern take on this logo depicts a cheerful and welcoming Colonel Sanders exuding warmth and friendliness to the customers with the vibrant combination of red and white.

  1. Pringles:

Pringles logo

While there have been many changes over the years to this brand’s logo, the latest take on its design features a more stylized and sleek design of the mustached man with a bowtie with the company’s name been spelled out in yellow Sand-Serif cursive with bold black outlines with the ‘I’ of the name dotted by a Pringle chip.

  1. Pizza Hut:


Founded in 1958 by brothers Dan and Frank Carney this pizza place was the inspiration of the many modern day pizza restaurants.

The current logo reveals black smooth lettering placed under a red sharped roof with the red color symbolizing passion and freshness.

  1. Sony:


Sony is a well known manufacturer of various electronic devices including video game consoles and T.Vs. Sony’s logo is an iconic one visualizing the concept of sound with the word ‘sony’ written using Clarendon font.

  1. PlayStation:


The physical positioning of the letters P and S represent the 3D graphics support of the system giving its logo depth and the red colored P and the yellow, blue and green colored S represent joy, charm, passion, elegance and brilliance.

  1. Panasonic:


Panasonic’s logo has a very minimalist but effective design with bold blue font similar to Sequel Sans Black with the blue color standing for a bright and consistent future.

  1. Samsung:


This future tech giant was founded in Korea in 1938 by Lee Byung-Chul. The name Samsung in Korean means three stars to which we see a connection to the oval shape resembling the shape of the universe, while the spilling ‘S’ and ‘G’ represent their openness to new ideas while the color blue represents serenity, confidence and reliability.

  1. Cartoon Network:


The Cartoon Network logo though abbreviated still follows its traditional black and white color scheme with white standing for kindness, purity and a positive attitude while black showcasing courage, determination, excellence and prestige.

  1. Haier:


Haier is a multinational Chinese group corporation which specializes in home appliances and consumer electronics whose logo used to have a warm red color and a heavy feel to it to emphasize the durability

Of its products to a cool blue and a sleeker and slim looking font showing the stylish look of their products.

  1. Toyota:


Toyota’s famous logos have gone through various modifications each having their own impact and significance with the most recent one comprising of three ellipses depicting three hearts, one of the customers, one of the products and one of the technological advancements.

  1. Amazon:

Amazon Logo

The shipping company’s logo uses the colors orange for pride and happiness along with black for dominance, supremacy and elegance, with the arrow indicating they have everything from A to Z with the arrow also representing the smile on their customers faces after purchasing a product off their site.

  1. Goodwill:

Goodwill logo

The thrift store’s logo on a first glance shows a smiling person along happy to be donating or landing themselves a good deal which can also be observed in the letter ‘g’ of the name.

  1. Pinterest:


Pinterest is an image sharing service dedicated to inspiring people and enabling them to share their favorite images. Its logo is the letter P in the shape of a pin.

  1. Colgate:


The Colgate logo utilizes the color combination of red and white symbolizing dynamism and sincerity respectively alongside a wide smile indicating towards a customer’s healthy set of teeth.

  1. Logitech:


Logitech’s latest logo features a monochrome pallet signifying the company’s professional attitude and its confidence in its technologies with the g being split into a circle and arched line under it forming a smile.

  1. Dell:


The slanted ‘E’ in the dell logo is a representation of the founder’s desire to turn the world on its ear.

  1. Chick-fil-a:


The chick-fil-a logo not so subtly but still cleverly incorporates a chicken in the letter ‘C’ in their logo.

  1. BMW (Bavarian Motor Works):

BMW logo

This German car manufacturer’s logo originates from the Bavarian flag sharing the same color scheme of blue and white while also touching on their aviation industry roots by using the shape of a propeller.

  1. HP (Hewlett Packard):


HP’s logo boasts a simple and to the point design with the letters ‘H’ and ‘P’ representing both the founder’s surnames with a blue background to give it a sense of excellence while the white font shows grace.

  1. Honda:


The Honda logo is made of the letter ‘H’ matching the first letter of the first name of the founder Soichiro Honda with a elongated top half which looks like someone raising their arms which was inspired by the owner’s slogan ‘the power of dreams’.

  1. Google:


This well known search engine’s logo just like its algorithm and AIs keeps receiving updates but one thing that has remained constant is its use of primary colors along with easily noticeable green displaying their audacity to stand out from the crowd.

  1. YouTube:

youtube logo

Over time YouTube has shifted their logo’s focus from the word ‘tube’ to the newly added play button while adopting the colors red and black to convey their traits of optimism, purity, passion, excellence, elegance and perseverance.

  1. Facebook:


While there were and still are many alternative social media sites to Facebook, none will ever replace it as the most dominant social media site. Its symbol is a straightforward one with the letter ‘f’ denoting the first letter of Facebook along with the application of white and blue colors laying bare their optimism and grace.

  1. Dunkin’:


The typeface in this logo seems to be using rounded letters which almost give them an appetizing feel befitting the company, in addition, the color scheme of orange and pink lets the company’s playful and enthusiastic personality shine through.

  1. Red Bull:


This drink’s cunning logo was designed in a way to pay homage to Thai culture which also shows its roots as being only intended for Muay Thai fighters as illustrated by the two fighting bulls, which also carries the meaning of strength and the setting sun behind them replaces light and energy.

  1. LG (Lucky-GoldStar):


Formed after the union of the companies Lucky and GoldStar this consumer electronics company till this day continues its reign. At first glance LG’s logo portrays a winking person but, on further inspection the letters ‘L’ and ‘G’ can also be observed inside the red circle.

  1. Treacy Shoes:

Treacy Shoes

This footwear company’s logo is a pretty obvious one with the letters ‘T’ and ‘S’  forming the shape of a shoe.

  1. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre:


This organization came into being as a means of combating cancer and providing assistance to cancer patients after the death of Pakistan’s ex cricketing superstar, now a political figure Imran Khan’s mother Shaukat Khanum (hence the name).The crescent in its insignia along with being a internationally accepted symbol for emergency assistance also, in combination with the arches underneath acts as a substitute for the letters ‘S’ and ‘K’ when seen vertically.

  1. Baskin Robbins:


This logo is an easy one to breakdown as the obvious symbolism being of the letters ‘B’ and ‘K’ while the pink parts when isolated showing us a picture of the number 31 in reference to their original 31 flavors.

  1. Burger King:


Not only the name exudes royalty its logo also takes us back in time with its retro feel through its color scheme while also keeping the buns used as a nod to their beginnings.

  1. Tostitos:


The logo for this one communicates a message of bonds being formed over a bowl of chips which can be seen in the two letter ‘t’ forming people and the dot of the letter ‘i’ in between constructing a bowl of salsa.

  1. WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment):


The company’s logo comprises of two ‘W’s stacked upon each other with a slight gap between them with a red stroke underneath them utilizing sharp letters to give it a look of modernity while also identifying their adaptability to keep up with the requirements of modern day sports entertainment.

  1. NFL (National Football League):


The American football organization’s emblem is made up of a shield shape containing eight stars for their eight divisions and also the acronym NFL spelled out while donning the colors of the American flag.

  1. Hope for African Child Initiative:

Hope for African Child Initiative

Besides the easy to see map of the African continent, one can also see the form of a child and an adult.

  1. Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium:

Pittsburgh Zoo and PPGAquarium logo

Making great use of the wonders of negative space this logo creates the image of a lion and a guerilla having a stare down.

  1. Ray-Ban:


On the surface this just looks like the name of the brand spelled out but if you take a closer look you can tell that the letter ‘B’ is shaped liked shades laid down sideways.

  1. Nike:

Nike Logo

The checkmark present here gives one a feeling of speed and ease of movement, with the name itself taking inspiration from Greek mythology.

  1. Adidas:


Whilst the bold lowercased typed out Adidas is more prominent, one can make out that the diagonal stripes are a representation of the mountains or hurdles athletes climb through to be the very best.

  1. Washington Capitals:


This sports team picturizes a eagle in the patriotic shades of red, white and blue with the negative space below forming a silhouette of the Capitol building.

  1. Gillette:

Gillette Logo

The cut ‘G’ and the dot of ‘I’ points towards their main product i.e razors along with the typeface and font giving a sporty feel.

  1. Museum of London:

Museum of London Logo

The Museum of London’s logo outlines the geographical changes that took place to the city of London.

  1. NBC (National Broadcasting Company):


NBC has a bright and colorful logo structured in a way to resemble a peacock.

The 6 colors exhibit their then 6 divisions (there are a lot more now) and the peacock’s head is pointed towards the right implying their vision to look ahead.

  1. Apple:


The reason that the Apple logo has a piece missing can imply various meaning one of them being a reference to the story of Adam and Eve while from a practical viewpoint this is done so that the logo still looks like an apple even if it’s shrunk.

  1. Northwest Airlines:

Northwest Airlines logo

This is another easy logo to decipher as it displays the acronym for the company in addition to a arrow pointing towards northwest inside a circle giving the illusion of a compass.

  1. FedEx:

FedEx Logo

The negative space between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X’ makes an arrow giving the message of a speedy and accurate delivery.

  1. F1 (Formula 1):

formula-one- Logo

The modern day F1 logo consists of a bright red and forward leaning ‘F’ which indicates the company heading towards the future plus a diagonal clean line of 1.

  1. Toblerone:

Toblerone logo

This Swedish chocolate’s logo employs negative space excellently by making it form the shape of a bear, which is the official symbol for the Swiss town of Bern.

  1. Eighty20:

eighty-20-solutions logo

The logo spells the company’s name in binary form.

  1. Wikipedia:


This is the go to site for many people when they wish to expand their knowledge about certain topics, people or historical events.

The missing puzzle logo encompasses the Idea that the site may never be completed as it thrives on user submissions.

  1. Nando’s:


This logo flaunts a black and red rooster accompanied by the brand mascot the peri-apostrophe mirroring the shape of a African bird’s eye chili.

  1. Twitter:

Twitter logo

The bird in the logo is a physical visualization of the company’s aim of short and quick nature of tweet like the sound of a bird.

  1. Firefox:


The animal observed on the logo is undoubtedly a fox but was supposed to be a red panda. The fox is seen to be engulfing the globe telling us about firefox’s global reach.

  1. Shell:


The Shell logo is based on the shape of the seashell Pecten maximus with the color scheme of red and yellow being taken from the Spanish flag.

  1. Facebook Places:


There are speculations that the 4 created by the arrows inside the square is a shot at their competitor Four Square.

  1. McDonald’s:


McDonald’s logo is an iconic and easily recognizable one with the golden arches forming the letter ‘M’.

  1. Ford:


The Ford logo, which was named after the owner Henry Ford, is the epitome of stylishness as seen in the letter ‘F’ and ‘D’while also coming to life due to its blue background.

  1. IBM (International Business Machines Corporation):


IBM’s starting logo warranted a change after its failure to grasp people’s attention . The one discussed here comprises of 8 lines and a calming and professional feeling blue color.

  1. Sun Microsystems:


This logo subtly unveils the word sun from every direction.

  1. Tour de France:


The yellow circle represents a bike wheel while the letter ‘O’ is the back wheel with the letter ‘R’ in ‘tour’ being a person.

  1. London Symphony Orchestra:

London Symphony Orchestra logo

On one hand this logo is the manifestation of the full name on the other hand it shows a conductor.

  1. WhatsApp:

Whatsapp logo

This instant messaging app took the world by storm on its release in 2009. Its emblem is a outward expression of its function which is fast and direct messaging which is shown by the phone.

  1. Pepsi:


Like most American brands this one also caters to its audience by referencing the American flag in its color scheme though it also has other several hidden connections to various other concepts such as feng shui and earth’s magnetic field.

  1. Hershey’s Kisses:


Upon tilting their head to the one can notice the letters ‘K’ and ‘I’ exchanging a kiss.

  1. Coca-Cola:

coca-cola logo

The red and white color scheme is an analogy for youth, passion, energy and purity.

  1. Unilever:

Unilever logo

The big ‘U’ being displayed here is an amalgamation of the huge number of products available under this brand.

  1. Domino’s:


The three dots on the dominoes remind us of the humble origins of this company with only 3 restaurants.

  1. National Geographic:


The yellow rectangle stands in as a substitute for a door to knowledge, nature, culture, science and reality with the color yellow being an allegory for light and knowledge.

  1. Verizon:


The checkmark present here js a symbol for the company’s excellence while the color combination of red and black exudes a sense of masculinity.

  1. Rolex:


Owning a Rolex has become a status symbol and its logo conveys exactly that with the imagery of a crown above its name.

  1. Ferrari:


This logo contains the color of the Italian national flag which are red, white and green while the yellow tint in the background is for the Italian city of Modena.

  1. Rolls-Royce:


This automobile company’s logo presents us with a presentation of two letter ‘R’s using a typeface that give us a impression of class and luxury.

  1. Cadbury:


Although with time Cadbury’s logo has gone through multiple transformations, the one that resonated the most with people, was the one having the owner’s signature. The purple color in the background pays tribute to Queen Victoria.

  1. Motorola:


The two triangular segments, due to their arched bottoms, resemble tents or mountain peaks while the color scheme, as discussed in other logos which use blue, depict supremacy and reliability.

  1. Volkswagen:

Volkswagen logo

Translated as ‘car for the people’ from German, the logo certainly delivers that part well. The logo consists of the company’s initials.

75. Nestlé:


This Swiss company’s insignia presents us with the heartwarming image of a healthy family dynamic while the name plays to the founder’s roots.

  1. Microsoft:

microsoft_PNG logo

The four colors utilized in this logo each tells us about a different component of Microsoft with blue standing for Windows, yellow representing Bing, red showcasing Office and finally green taking place of Xbox.

  1. Cisco:


The lines on Cisco’s logo carries double meanings. Firstly, they are used as a stand in for digital signals. Lastly, when viewed collectively the lines form the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco where the company has its roots.

  1. Yamaha:


The three forks in the logo of Yamaha depicts the merger of three aspects of the company which are technology, production and trade while also forming a ‘Y’, the company’s initial, in the way they intersect.

  1. Roxy:

Roxy logo

The sister brand of Quiksilver specializes in female fashion line, hence, the logo is designed in such a manner to attract the female demographic. Its most eye catching feature is the fact that it’s made up of two Quiksilver logos rotated.

  1. The Bronx Zoo:

The Bronx Zoo logo

The old logo of the Bronx Zoo plays around with negative space having them form some animals and the New York City skyline.

  1. Lacoste:


The Lacoste logo came into being as a result of a bet between Rene Lacoste and French Davis team captain. The crocodile in the logo acts as a memoir for Rene showing both luxury and style.

  1. Disney:


Disney can be termed as one of the most easily recognizable brands out there. Responsible for making many classic and memorable animated movies. Their logo represents that fairy well with being the combination of the stylized version of a employee’s signature, simultaneously, the castle in the background acts as an invite to mystical and fantastic world and references the famous theme park Disneyworld.

  1. Sony Vaio:

On the surface it just looks like that the logo designer just used some stylish fonts to write the logo but on deeper inspection we can recognize the fact that this is a symbolic union of analog technology, which is depicted by the letters ‘V’ and ‘A’, and digital technology, with the letters ‘I’ and ‘O’ standing for 1 and 0 of binary code.

  1. Kölner Zoo:


Like previously discussed zoo logos this German zoo also efficiently and most appropriately uses negative space, here it is being used to portray a giraffe, rhino and two spires as representatives of the Cologne Cathedral.

  1. Beats by Dre:

Beats by Dre logo

The lowercase ‘B’ in the logo is drawn in such a way that due to it being enclosed in a circle forms the image of someone wearing headphones.

  1. Taco Bell:


The Taco Bell logo is an interesting one due to its choices especially the purple color which was chosen as a means to pursue exoticism in their design with the bell being a tribute to the owner and company’s name.

  1. Fox Chase Publisher:

Fox Chase Publisher logo

This logo while depicting the animal in its name also materializes the tip of a fountain pen in its negative space in accordance to its literary roots.

  1. Grapevine Kids Dental and Orthodontics:

Grapevine Kids Dental and Orthodontics logo

The logo here achieves multiple objectives, despite being a simple one, firstly it appeals to children with its friendly and welcoming design, secondly the color scheme is a reference to the fruit in its name and lastly the teeth in the chin of the lion informs us what the establishment was made for i.e dentistry.

  1. Alfa Romeo:

Alfa Romeo logo

Since its inception in 1910, the Alfa Romeo logo has been divided into two parts with the left side featuring the cross of the municipality and the right side displaying the serpent of Visconti, both being the traditional images related with the city of Milan.

  1. Rockstar Games:


The imagery in this logo is a simple one with the letter ‘R’ and the star combining together to spell the name of the company, however, the real messaging is conveyed through the logo’s color palette which is yellow, black and white which showcases energy and dynamics.

  1. Sega:


Sega’s design implies of a somewhat futuristic design with its multiple white stripes with the cobalt blue letters assisting the logo to exert its presence and register itself in people’s subconscious.

  1. Nintendo:


Responsible for the publishing of many well known titles such as ‘The Legend of Zelda’ it is suffice to say this company has left its impact on the world. Even its logo, through the use of bright red, intrigues attracts and forces people to pay attention to it.

  1. Tesco:


Again this logo also uses its colors to do the talking rather than the images used, in this instance, it is used for representing the British national flag and at the same time denotes the company’s prosperity, power and reliability.

  1. Tesla:


This logo makes use of symbolism, more precisely, the main body of the letter ‘T’ substituting a pole that sticks out from the rotor of a motor while the second line on top standing for a piece of stator, they both come together to form a cross-section of a motor.

  1. BP:


The color combo of yellow and green here signifies power and wealth while also having the BP monogram that shows that this logo here is a possession of the BP brand.

  1. Exxon Mobil:

Exxon Mobil logo

The red color in this logo gives one a feeling of energy, warmth and passion at the same time promoting reliability with the crossing of the two ‘X’s.

  1. Mazda:


The wings created in the Mazda logo incorporates the idea of the company’s mindset that is somewhat futuristic and open to advancements and changes, also giving us a glimpse of the company’s nature to strive being the best.

  1. PetroChina:


A deep investigation of the logo will enlighten us in regards to various ambitions and aims the company hopes to achieve which include, the company’s commitment to the unity between energy and environment as shown by its flower shape, the round shape giving us a look into their worldwide expansion plans and the fact that they use the colors red and yellow to pay tribute to the national flag of People’s Republic of China.

  1. Subway:


The arrows on the letters ‘S’ and ‘Y’ informs customers about their speedy services and presents itself as a food one can have on the go.

  1. BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation):

BBC logo

The usage of bold letters for the logo suggest the company’s willingness and readiness to take on any competitors in their field while also keeping an eye on future progressions.


As the above examples have demonstrated deep thoughts and thinking is done when designing a logo for any company in order to make sure that the message intended is carried across to the one viewing it and the next time they see the logo they instantly associate with the particular product.

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