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5 Professional Logo Design Tips for Beginners

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Logo trends are constantly changing, there is no one rule that has been in trends for a longer time. However, we do see many trends making a comeback as they are classic and are loved and accepted in all eras. One of the many reasons of staying classic is because people connect to it and understand the brand immediately. If you are missing out on the benefits of getting a classic logo for your brand, you need to rethink your priorities. Classic and minimalism are two kinds of trends that you will not get rid of any time soon and honestly these are one of the best trends that you must keep in mind.

2022 is all about surprises and logo trends are something that keeps on changing with time and keeping up with all the current trends is also very important. You need to stay up to date with the current trends in order to make sure you are not lagging behind and are up to date. One of the many mistakes that most of the designers make is they do not take up the recent trends and depend largely on the old ones. When you do it, you are keeping your brand behind and missing out on lots of good opportunities.

Nevertheless, if you want to keep up with the trends and know what is going on in the logo designing world, here is how you can do it.

  • Simplification

Simplicity is the way to go, if you are confused about how to get the your logo done and how to go about it there is nothing better than relying on the simpler logos. They know how to attract the audience right and make the perfect choices. One of the many mistakes that most of the graphic designers often end up making is they add a lot of information and make things over complicate. You need to add information that is relevant and enough to deliver the right message to the audience. If you are not doing it, you are making things more difficult for your audience and they might just shift to your competitor.

  • Inventive Typography

If you are going for the text-based logos, you are making the safest and right choice, nevertheless, you must in that case you must get the typography right. One wrong decision in this case, and you would be surprised to see the negative impact it would have on your brand, therefore making sure you are not making a mistake is important. When you are more text focused on your logo, feel free to use all the solutions of typography that can show the personality of your company. Use a customized logo with an original font that has a power to transform your logo fully.

  • Gradients

The colors and gradients you are using on your logos can make or break your logo. Wrong choice of colors and gradients can result in disrupting your logo and taking away all the class and message of it. There are a few colors dedicated to different industries, once you use the wrong color or gradient on your logo, the damage will be irrecoverable. They tend to have an inextinguishable potential and we cannot be more excited about it. Basically, it is when all the shades of same color mix up and make a new shade.

This is the only way to create a breathing 3d image that will stand out with the help of its energy and dynamics. However, you will have to make sure all the shades in your logo are well printed.

  • Overlapping geometry

If you are more into bold designs solutions, you are going to love this trend. There are many ways that you can use to add some geometric shapes in your logo for them to work perfectly. Also there are many other options that you can try too. For example, you can make different elements partially overlapping and merging into each other. All the elements stacked together is no attractive way of adding layers to the art piece.

  • Negative Space

Using negative space in the right way is the only way to get to the heart of the customers. Not leaving any negative space in your logo, or leaving a lot of space both can be quite tricky for your brand. You have to choose a right balance that can give you and your customers the right insight about your brand. One wrong decision in this case can take away all the attraction of the logo. Make sure you are making the right negative space decision and making the perfect use of all the space. You can do a lot with all the negative space, provided you know how to do it effectively.