Wordmark Logo: Learn the Basics and Importance!

Have you ever thought that with a creative logo, you can immediately recognize a business? A brand logo is one of the essential elements and the face of your company. It is one part where the company invests the most. That is the reason why you have to make it unique, well designed, and creative. It has a significant impact on the public’s perception. One such type of logo that all businesses should work on is Wordmark logos. People are attracted to exciting designs and colors. The logo that symbols your package or embellishes your storefront should be intended to attract and draw the attention of your potential customers. It should also encourage them to at least look and with a bit of luck buy your product.You might be wondering, what is a Wordmark logo? Don’t worry. We’ll brief you on its information and importance.

What Is A Wordmark Logo?

A Wordmark logo, also known as logotypes, is a trendy type that only mentions the name of the company, product, or brand. It includes no mascots, symbols, or images. Some famous examples of such brand logos include Braun, Canon or Google. These logos are considered as one of the best because they are more distinguishable and more comfortable to remember the name of the brand. Wordmark logos are simple to create and use and require less variation.

It is one of the purest forms of logos. When designing such logos, the main focus is to make these logos attractive and memorable. Many companies prefer to add technical and creative elements to make the logo illustrative. Small organizations don’t opt for professional logo designing services to design their logos, which means for them, it’s easier to go for wordmark logo.

If small companies add some attention, then they can also succeed in creating an appealing wordmark logo. To help you make a good wordmark logo, we have prepared a list for you which mentions all the dos and don’ts. So do take a look at these because these are wonderful strategies that will help you make one great and appealing wordmark logo.

Wordmark Logo

Dos of Wordmark Logos

Whether you like to have a sober or colorful or vibrant design of a logotype, there are all types available. But there are just a few pointers to keep in mind when creating one. Read below to find out more:

1. Add Shapes

One way which is used by many designers is to add shapes to the logo. They combine the alphabets into shape, just like LinkedIn and Showtime. Shapes add a better visual effect to the logo. A colorful form looks unique and distinctive. It makes the alphabets look more vibrant.

2. Make an Ultimate Pair

One important thing to consider when designing the logo is to pair the alphabets together correctly. You have to make sure that the letters you plan to join should match and complement each other appropriately. They should in no way look weird and obnoxious. There are some letters which never look nice together, for example, X and S. If they both are set together they might create an adverse impact.

3. Proper Letter Casing Letter Spacing

Choosing the best cases for letters is no big task. But it is essential to keep in mind when deciding the logo. A proper combination of the upper and lower case of alphabets can help to make a logo outstanding and become unique. You can also switch the letter casing to see what suits the best for your brand.

Also, make sure that wordmark logos usually don’t have slogans. If you still want it to make sure it is small or just a word.

4. Choice of Colors

When you don’t have anything other than alphabets than colors play a significant role in adding attraction. It helps to make your brand logo differentiate from others. The more the colors, the more it would cause an attraction in the viewer’s eye. Sometimes bold colors help to produce an elegant effect. Whether you add more shades or just one, it will always look good with fewer efforts. Just like the Google logo, where they have colored the G. It is necessary to choose colors wisely to portray the logo in a better way.

Don’ts of Wordmark Logos

As you can see that the above pointers will help you best in creating a decent yet attractive logo. However, there are some points to avoid strictly when you are designing a logo for your brand. Some elements can affect your logo severely. Read below to find out things that you should prevent.

1. Avoid Exaggerating Letters

Yes, we agree that playing with letters can be a difficult task. Therefore when you are choosing the best cases, avoid adding too many symbols. Some people add logos as letters that effect the logo badly. They might not suit well in the viewer’s eyes. Such logos look disturbing, and you might never want to buy anything from that brand. Logos explain the quality of the brand, so try to make it elegant and sober as much as you can. Adding pictures to the letter would just create a mess.

2. Avoid Fonts Which Are Not Clear

Many logos are written in strange fonts, causing difficulty in reading and understanding. There’s no point in having a logo designed if a viewer cannot understand what’s written. For example, if you use a cursive font then it might be difficult for many people to understand. Therefore, try to bold your letters and use easy to read fonts like Calibri or Bold Arial.

3. Avoid Using Too Many Colours

Playing with colors can be a good idea for logos but keep in mind that too many colours can make your logo look overrated. Either keep the colors same for the whole logo or use a maximum of two. A mixture of too many colors would look bad or may not seem like the right combination. There are logos which have too many colors together, but not every person can play with it well. So it’s better to keep the work easy rather than complicated.

Wrapping up

Wordmark logos are used all across the world. They are less complicated and easy to make. They cause a significant impact on the mind of readers. Most importantly, they consume less time to prepare.

They can cause you difficulty when deciding the font and colours if you have not done it before. You will have to make sure that every character you use whether letter case, font or shape should be made to look good together. Any unnecessary detail or color can destroy the look of the logo.

Wordmarks also look amazing for shorter brand names. If not then, a monogram or letter mark will look best. Great efforts can be added to make a logotype stand out. But make sure that you don’t go beyond limits and apply the rule of simplicity when choosing fonts and colours. If everything is appropriately paired, then it would make the most memorable logo ever.

Adding your logo on all of your products, packaging, social media accounts, posters and website, etc. is a way to promote your brand and your message regularly. Whether it’s your brand, store, or business, you should spread your reach everywhere. If you’ve established your brand logo and successfully marketed it, then you would cause a good effect in everyone’s eyes.