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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aids your website to get into the limelight. You may make a lot of efforts to develop an attractive website but it is all profitable when it is able to receive online relevant traffic. The basic herald for maintaining a success rate of your website is more and more people visiting and benefiting from the content it has to offer, and this, in turn, becomes profitable! So, SEO plays a leading role in bringing roaming internet surfers to your website.

How It Works for You?

SEO enables higher traffic on the website to allow you to avail higher business opportunities. Any product or services your website offers will be more easily sold if there are more people to see it. SEO features a set of tools that will make your website rank on top in the search engine, eventually boosting sales. The idea of SEO is to increase your brand awareness among people.
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When you search for something through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., the web links show up on the SERPs from the first to the last according to their popularity and relevancy with the keywords you have entered in the search bar. So, the results on the first 2 to 3 pages are said to be more popular and highly likely to be visited and other pages are not too much given important by the users.

Search Engine Optimization makes your website appear on the initial pages and achieve higher ranking in the search engines to drive more traffic to it. As a rule of thumb, the more people visiting your website the higher is your chance to increase business. Our SEO experts can help make your site gain popularity so maximum audience can reach you.

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Types of SEO

There are two ways to optimize a website for search engines; these include White hat SEO and Black hat SEO. And just like their names, they are totally different.

White hat SEO

White hat SEO uses organic methods to boost the ranking of your web pages according to search engines’ guidelines. These methods are considered the most preferable as they are steady and provide long-lasting results. High-quality content, manual research, HTML optimization, etc. are some of the most prominent tactics of White hat SEO.

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO only exploits the weaknesses of the search engine algorithm to achieve higher rankings. These techniques are typically contradictory to the rules and guidelines of search engines. Though the results are quick, they don’t last long. Link spam, keyword stuffing, and hidden links are some of the ways Black hat SEO works.

Ingenious Guru’s SEO experts will use White hat SEO tactics to make sure you get the best possible results and build lasting customer relationships.

Main Features of SEO

On-Page Optimization

Also known as internal web optimization, On-Page Optimization is done through code and content. Our experts of web development. will establish an attractive website for you, then our SEO experts and the team of content creators will work together to flourish your website with unique and engaging content. The SEO and Content team at Ingenious Guru write, optimize, proofread, and add pictures to your content to make it stand out and stay on top by simply ensuring your content gets live with the best ranking keywords to boost your web presence and get the desired results.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is carried out on third-party sites, also used for the purpose of content marketing. digital marketing experts at Ingenious Guru will work to take your website on the first result page on the desired and most in-demand keywords and key phrases by adding backlinks to your website. Our experts will make sure your off-page content is high-quality, unique, and engaging to drive maximum traffic to your brand online.

Why Choose Ingenious Guru?

We Prioritise Research

At Ingenious Guru, we take a research-based approach to SEO. Our experts will do extensive research on your brand and industry to target relevant audience. To fully comprehend your niche, our SEO team dedicate adequate time and effort to get full knowledge of your services, products, consumers, and common industry practices before taking out any optimization activity.

We Produce Live Results

SEO can be a challenging task, but our team prefers to keep our clients aware of every aspect. Ingenious Guru will provide you regular live reports on request as well as periodic reports to show your overall progress with our professional SEO services, as well as worldwide, can review their SEO results at any time, we are simply an email away.

Flexible Prices

Since every business has a different nature and goals with respect to SEO, Ingenious Guru doesn’t offer fixed schedules and rates. We offer flexible services and our packages vary according to the amount of work needed and your requirements.

Honesty is Our Policy

Search Engine Optimization is a lengthy, continuous procedure, yet with no instant results. Our SEO team at Ingenious Guru doesn’t make any false promises or establish impractical deadlines. Before starting any work, we take a preliminary review of your brand to evaluate your SEO needs and to set a timeline.

We are Up to Date

Our SEO team comprises of seasoned and qualified members who aim to boost our clients’ online ranking. At Ingenious Guru, we conduct regular training sessions to keep our team up to date with the latest SEO trends, algorithms, and guidelines. Our dedication to quality ensures you enjoy top position in the SERPs.

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