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Ingenious Guru is a leading PPC agency offering high-quality pay-per-click management services to business in the US and worldwide.

PPC Strategy

We customize a profitable PPC campaign according to your business type, industry, USPs, competitors, and budget. Our experts will understand your business’s core and establish a strategy that can deliver results.

PPC Retargeting

Many people don’t buy what you have to sell on the first time they see your website. Retargeting ads allows businesses to stay in the front line for interested visitors who like to visit frequently.

PPC Optimization

We optimize text for your ads along with the landing pages as well as keep track of performance so you can increase new customers and enhance online traffic quality.

PPC Service Ohio

What is Pay-Per-Click?
Pay-per-Click (PPC), also known as Cost-per-Click (CPC), is a type of digital advertising that offers a chance to pay to achieve a top position on SERPs and relevant websites. It allows your website to receive instant traffic through PPC marketing and establish a comprehensive SEO and internet marketing strategy backed with facts.

The experts at Ingenious Guru ensure you receive higher ROI through less costly and relevant long-tail keywords. These keywords can lower the CPC cost throughout your campaign verge against expensive keywords.
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  • PPC Analysis
  • Advertising
  • PPC Audit
  • Remarketing
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Best PPC Services

At Ingenious Guru, we use every fine search engine optimization method to achieve the ultimate results for our clients, and PPC management is one of these great methods of SEO. PPC is an SEM strategy that can boost your website’s visibility and get you considerable traffic if used correctly and persistently. PPC, also known as paid SEO, can generate amazing results for your marketing campaign if combined with organic search engine optimization.

PPC Advertising

In PPC advertising, you can use your targeted keywords to generate ads and bid for ad spaces on search engines and other webpages of their network. Based on the amount of your bid and the keywords you select, your ads will show on SERPs on the right or top section of organic search results and on their relevant network websites. Only when a user clicks on those ads to visit your website, you get charged. Therefore, it is named Pay-per-Click or PPC.

The Campaign

Launching a PPC campaign in Google AdWords, Microsoft Search, Yahoo Search Marketing, and other search engines seems easy, but utilizing them for your SEO end is not. At this point, Ingenious Guru, a leading provider of PPC comes in. We know and understand the factors related to your campaign and our experts will optimize your ads just so you can get more clicks on them and increase business. Meanwhile, we work to lower your cost per click and increase your revenue.

We Understand Your Business Needs

The team of experts at Ingenious Guru understands and carefully analyses the needs of your business and the nature of your services and products. We also get to know how your competitors run their campaigns and the keywords they use so we can personalize your campaign to stand out when it comes to results. We make sure you get the best converting ads, profitable landing pages, and maximize ROI by managing bids while using smart optimizing techniques. At this time, we don’t forget your business goals and budget to create a successful campaign for you.

Why Choose Ingenious Guru

From analytical SEO services to creative web development, our team has dedicated professionals who plan and execute the right strategy for our clients.

Paid search marketing is the fastest, most manageable approach to get your business in front of your audience who is willing to buy what you have to offer. Since you have to pay only for relevant traffic, it is much easier to control the budget.

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