The Secret of a Successful Monogram Logo Design

All of us are familiar with different types of logos. Some are the signature logos like that of Google, Visa, Walmart, or Virgin studios. The others are more symbolic like those of Shell company, Disney or Apple, and combined logos like Mastercard, FedEx, Burger King, McDonald’s, and more that have icons and names integrated together.

There is another type of logos – Monogram Logos. Are you familiar with this type? Contrary to the beliefs, they have existed for a long time and used when people need a logo in the monogram photo. If you are not aware of it, then read on below to discover what a monogram logo is and the secret of a successful monogram logo design.

Definition of Monogram Logo

Monograms aka letter-mark logos that visual patterns created using the initials of a company’s name and turning it into a striking symbol or pattern. The main idea is to aesthetically combine two or three letters of the organization’s name into a symbol. The purpose is to create brand identification, and it is done with professional typography. Think of the famous emblems and royal crests from history. Monogram Logo is basically a modern insignia that creates a brand identity to engage the targeted market. For instance, a client says that make me a logo using the initials of my name to create a family crest for the business; then monogram logo is what he or she is asking for.

Some famous monogram logo designs that have become the actual identity of their brands include Volkswagen, Louis Viton, General Electrics, Warner Brothers, Givenchy, LG, HBO, and Chanel. The logo design services that these companies have used have created everlasting perfection with these monogram logos. As you can see by taking a look at the monograms of these companies, this type of logo designing is not partial to any particular field.

Why Use a Monogram Logo?

Monogram logos are versatile and add an extra oomph to your brand. It means like the French and other luxury brands and Haute couturiers; your brand will also have a luxurious flair to its logo designing. Think of Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint-Laurent, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton. In all these brands, not only the founder’s name has been used as a brand name, but the initials also inspire the logos. Royalties have been using monograms throughout history. If you want to establish your name as a high-end logo design agency, then your monogram logo can pave the path for you. Monogram logos are the perfect representation of the founder of the company.

Tips for Creating Successful Monogram Logo Design

Out of the box, thinking is something that would make any logo design company shine and dazzle. The tips given below can help you create designs that will go on to define your services as a logo designer.

  • The merger of Letters & Numeric
    Monograms are essentially the initials, but there are no restrictions on using numeric in combination. Play with your imagination to create something that is totally unique yet equally appealing.
  • Distinct Typeface

A distinct typeface is crucial to monogram logo designing ideas as the initials are the essence of this type of logo. Experiment with a variety of fonts until you have the one that truly defines the brand you are designing for.

  • Wise Color Choices

    Simplicity is the key to monogram logos when it comes to colors. Black in the merger with whites tend to be more popular, but gold and silver can also have an excellent effect. Stick to primary colors when designing a monogram logo.
  • Shapes and Layouts

Monograms may be all about initials, but shapes and layouts add that x-factor to make it into an iconic brand identity. Listed below are some famous shapes and layout designs that proved to be game-changers for the brands they represent.

Interlocked – Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel
Letter seal: 
Warner Brothers, Louis Viton

Mirrored or Flipped: Fendi, Gucci, NASA

Stacked: Givenchy, Giorgio Armani, BBC Informal: H&M, JLO, Nike, P&G, Calvin Klein