What is Search
Engine Marketing?
Search engine marketing or SEM is one of the most productive ways to develop your business in a progressively competitive industry. With loads of companies out there all competing for the same audience, it’s never been more significant to advertise online, and search engine marketing is the most productive way to boost your products and grow your business. At Ingenious Guru, our SEM services can succeed in your search engine strategy that can turn into positive results.
  • Increases Brand Awareness
  • Can Implement And Manage Ads Easily And Quickly
  • Can Reach Your Clients Promptly
  • Increases Traffic Through Ad Visibility
  • Great for Local Marketing
  • Consistent Traffic Source
  • Paid advertising attracts your target audience and gives faster and better results.
  • Search engine optimization enhances your website’s organic reach with the use of keywords that users search in search engines.
  • SEM features high success rates as compared to traditional ways of marketing by showing your business on SERPs to those who are actually looking for it.
How Our Search Engine Marketing Services Can Help

Ingenious Guru, a leading SEM agency, stays ahead of the digital marketing trends. That is why our clients trust us and allow us to lead the pack amongst our competitors by being able to use innovative ideas.

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Ecommerce SEO

Improving product listings in search engine results for businesses that sell their products online.

Penalty Recovery

Our SEO experts conduct link audits and backlink profiles reviews to recover any penalties.

Technical SEO Audit

Brands trust us for our technical capabilities. We assess your site’s current SEO and work to fill any loopholes to improve the quality of your website.

Infographics Content

Infographics are a great and easy way to market your brand and let people visualize your message.

Media Promotion

While search engines have their own throne, it is important to market your brand across various channels & spread your message.

Onsite SEO

Analysis of the subjected structure of your website as well as internal architecture, and other vital elements.
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Process & Strategy for Search Engine Marketing

Why Should You Consider our SEM Services?

Search Engine Marketing is a cost-effective approach to drive instant online traffic and generate profits. It features a variety of flexible online strategies, as well as SEO, PPC, and SMM. SEM specialists at Ingenious Guru work as a backbone for businesses to get more leads, whether a minor or a large multinational organization. 

Our customizable SEM services are mainly designed to meet your business needs by keeping your goals in mind. Search engine marketing provides businesses with a way to look more prominent in a competitive market.

Customized Solutions

Our SEM experts in can establish a tailored plan that fits your unique business needs perfectly.

Campaign Strategy

We help brands set up SEM campaigns on Google AdWords, YouTube, Bing Ads, and other search engines and define their goals, track conversion, geo-target campaigns, and generate relevant traffic to their websites while saving on PPC.

Keyword Research

Find high-converting and low-cost keywords that your target audience often uses to search for the services and products you offer. Set your budget, manage PPC keyword bids, and types of keyword match to boost your ranking on the high ranking and best performing search phrases.

Tracking and Tools

We help you in setting up campaign conversion and tracking revenue in Google Analytics along with third-party tools for optimizing through real-time data. Creating dashboard reports can allow you to gain API data from different platforms and tools to constantly optimizing your campaigns to generate maximum ROI.

Importance of Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing gives businesses a way to look prominent in a crowded online market when people or buyers are looking for their product or service actively. SEM lets you be very precise when you target your audience and produce touch points advertising on a constant basis via buyer journey, which eventually leads to conversion. Though SEO may take months to give results, SEM allows brands to achieve top position on search engines within hours.

Difference Between SEO and SEM

SEM is a group of techniques that helps brands advertise their business to their audience using paid promotions on search engines. Search engine optimization allows you to increase organic traffic using back-end code optimization, strategic keyword research, and content planning on your website to increase its ranking organically. Both paid and organic search marketing tactics are crucial for any business’s online marketing.

Why Choose Us

The right SEM strategies used at the right time can shoot your brand recognition and sales to the next level. Our SEM solutions can improve your brand’s online prominence by improving ranking on search engines. At Ingenious Guru, we take a tactical approach to alter your page reviews and clicks to turn into profits as a result.

To craft a plan, contact us and schedule a free consultation.

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