Ingenious Guru’s Professional Logo Design Process From Start To Finish

Logo designing is one extensive process and requires detailed research to design one proper and exclusive logo for the brand. We all can agree that one needs to have a clear mind and a lot of creativity for the logo designing job. Explaining the overall process is difficult to hard, and every graphic designer has their approach and process to follow. There are various professional logo design service agencies available out there in the market. Choosing the right one can be pretty tricky. Therefore, we recommend having some in-hand knowledge of logo designing to ensure the logo your agency is designing for you is perfect.

Creating a brand identity is important, and logo designing is one important aspect of the overall process of brand identity. We are no one to judge anybody or their style of designing. Even if the stupidest of ideas work, they are not stupid anymore. Whatever works, works. You cannot just let go of any idea because it sounds “stupid” to you. There is no denying that logo designing is indeed an extensive process with multiple stages in it.

If you are keen on learning those stages, you are at the right spot. So here we go!

1. Brand Evaluation

One of the most important things as a graphic designer that you should do is understand what the brand is all about, research everything, and know what their goals are. This phase is called “client discovery.” However, we all know there are no such rules that fit everybody, particularly for logo designing. For people to know, logos are only as good as their business representation, so it is not effective unless you are aware of the kind of impression your brand is planning to make.

brand evaluation

There is a lot of information that you need to have in your hand when we talk about logo designing for the client. The sad news is that some clients are always unsure of their wants and desires and cannot articulate their wishes. In this case, the designer’s responsibility is to ask all the right questions and get the truth out.

2. Industry Research

It is very important to know what industry are you working in and how you want to make changes to the logo or devise a new one entirely. No brand in the world exists in the vacuum. Every organization has to be content with the industry; therefore, the next step is to research the logos the competitors and the other industry leaders are flaunting. This stage is known as “Industry Discovery,” this stage is that revolutionary stage that can make a difference between a generic logo and an extraordinary logo. There are a lot of things that you can learn from the competitor’s logos.

Industry Research logo design

  • The logo techniques that work for your company.
  • Logo techniques that have been overused.
  • Logo techniques that have been ignored.
  • Kind of customers dominating your industry
  • Logo Placement

Logo goes to different places, and why shouldn’t they go? They are the basic part of the branding and must be everywhere to ensure it is done all right. They have their space at both the places, digital and physical. When designing it, you must have all the information on where it will be placed and how the client wants it to appear. This stage of the overall process is known as the “Application Discovery.” Even though you may not be at this stage at the right time and have a long list to complete but the earlier you know where you have to be, the better it is. The placement of the logo helps in deciding its colors, the gradients, design software, or even the shape.

If your logo is supposed to go on the big billboards, you have to design it in a more detailed manner. It has to be on the mobile application, you must go with the simpler and the smaller ones. If social media is the only place it will be going, the logo must sit comfortably in both the square and circular avatars. You have to make sure you know where the logo will be, and you are all set to get the design that perfect logo.

3. Sketch various logo concepts

Sketch various logo concepts

The more logo concepts you have, the better it is for you and your client. If you give them more than one option, they will tell you better what they want. Whatever you have in your mind, sketch them all on the book or somewhere in the software. Before you get to the final design, it is better to have a pool of options right in front of you, as it will allow you to get the best design out. The best thing about sketching is it is cheap, fast, easy, and most importantly, the perfect tool for brainstorming. Nothing works better than sketching when it comes to zeroing down all the plans to one.

4. Make changes to your logo

Now, this is the point where you have different ideas for the logo and want to get it done to the final one. Based on the other people’s feedback, you can make the right changes and maybe come down to the final point where you think that this is the final design. It’s time you show your design to your client and add up all their suggestions in your logo to bring the final design.

Make changes to your logo

5. Deliver the files

Deliver all your final files to the client. However, it is best to send the following files

  • Layered source of all vector files, including AI
  • Layered PDF and EPS files
  • Better resolution files

Deliver the files

While you are delivering the logo, make sure you inform your client about the fonts of commercials used in the brand and logo identity. It would help them in designing the logo for other kinds of applications later in the future.

When you are done with the delivery process, you start working on the style guide. Here you can specify other brand elements like color palette, style of photography, illustrations, typography style, or maybe animations.

Wrapping up!

Now that you have sent the final files wait for the final suggestions of your client and hope for them to approve them finally. If they do not, take their suggestions and make the required changes, and you are all good to go. Remember, the key to satisfying the client is to underpromise and over-deliver everything!