6 Rebranding Mistakes that You Must Avoid

Branding for an organization is very important, without any particular branding strategies be ready for your organization or your brand to be unknown in the market. Logo design is one of the most important parts of the overall branding, however, unless you have a professional person in your team. If you lack such a professional person, it is better you look for a logo design agency for your organization. The experts there know their job better and can provide the perfect logo design service online. When you decide to start your own business and branding of it, the first thing that comes to your mind is who is going to make a logo for me?

One of the many things that we have come across while branding for our organization was looking for someone who could make me a logo. We all can agree to the fact that effective rebranding is no walk in the park. If you do it all well, you are set for your brand to take it up to a better future. If somehow you fail your brand will become a laughing stock for everyone on the internet. However, you must also keep in mind that rebranding is an expensive and time taking process. It requires extensive energy, money, and time so when it does not do what it is supposed to do, it is a huge loss for everyone.

Following are a few rebranding mistakes that you MUST avoid.

Mistake No 1: Rebranding Because You Felt Like It

One of the biggest mistakes that most brands do around is they rebrand everything only because they “felt” like it. You have to understand one thing and that is there is no expiration date when it comes to your brand. However, there come some times when you have to make a few changes in your brand identity. Some organizations change their whole branding only because their new CEO does not like the logo? Or maybe the competitor has come up with the new logo and branding? Branding is a huge task and it requires serious thought even before you start.

There are various reasons why you should go for rebranding and avoid the mediocre and meh reasons to go for it.

Some of these reasons are.
1) There is a monotonous in your industry and you are a part of it.
2) You are focusing on the new audience.
3) You are expanding your brand.
4) You have an outdated brand.
5) Your brand does not reflect your organization or what you do and offer to others.
6) Your reputation out in the market is questionable.
7) You have acquired or merged with a new company.

Mistake No 2: Not Knowing Yourself

When the brand is not aware of themselves and does not do what they are all about, trust me they are in for a big failure. Before knowing your customers or your target audience you MUST know yourself first. It is almost impossible to have a successful rebrand when you are not sure about anything. You should know how can your brand aligns with your brand strategy and you can work on it accordingly.

When you have listed down all these characteristics you would have a clear vision of what you are and what do you offer. Make sure all your rebranding stuff is aligned with your brand purpose and vision and mission and value and then prepare everything.

However, here is a tip for you. When you start the process of rebranding you must take all your time to articular and identify your brand purpose. It should include

a) Your purpose: What is the purpose of your existence?
b) Vision: Where do you see yourself in the future?
c) Mission: How do you plan to reach your goals?
d) Value: What you are actually? And how do you work?

Planning your overall strategy around your brand purpose and vision is important. Whatever you are showing the world, it should reflect your organization and brand. If you are a food company and have a restaurant showcasing it through your logo and brand is important and can get you good recognition out in the market. Therefore, it is better to be perfectly aligned with all your brand values, vision and mission.

Mistake No 3: Going for Small Changes Only

Brands often make the mistake of going with the changes in logo only, and that is what takes them down the drill. Change in the logo is mainly that one thing that most brands are excited about as it reveals the whole brand and how it changes the recognition of it. However, it is one thing that is the biggest misconception regarding branding. It is important to know that branding is not just restricted to the logo and visual identity of your brand. It includes your messaging, strategy, and all the other things as well.

If you think your branding is all about your logo only, you are making a mistake here and missing a whole point of branding. You have to reshape the overall brand identity. The best way to rebrand is to research the tips that you can use to make a memorable brand identity in the right way. Make the right checklist and make sure all the information is rightly delivered all across the team and then design the logo accordingly.

Mistake No 4: Not Researching Properly

What is the point of going for something when you are not prepared for it? In case you are still confused about what things that you should be going for; you will end up with something extremely lousy and bad.

Before you go for rebranding, it is important you know the following things.

1) How existing customers perceive your brands in the market.
2) How existing customers perceive your competitor’s brand in the market.

It is one of the most important things to know where do you stand and where do you want to go in the future. The more know-how you have about your brand, the more chances you have to reach your goal and set your brand up for complete success.

We have an additional tip for you here.

In order to check out your competitors, make sure you are completing your overall analysis. It will allow you to evaluate the overall branding activities which include the logo, tagline, messaging, and everything that the brand wants to convey to the audience in the market. If you looking to research what your customers think about your brand, you must survey all kinds of customers which includes both the satisfied and unsatisfied customers.

Mistake No 5: Creating a Weak Brief

Rebranding is a whole process, it is not stuck with one or two aspects of the brands, it is a whole 360-degree process that requires a person to be on his/ her toes all the time. It is no different than any creative project. While going nuts sounds pretty fun, there are some guidelines and parameters that one should go through when you are thinking of rebranding your whole brand. That is what the whole creative brief is all about. Nevertheless, you must find the right kind of balance. Make sure you are not giving out a lot or a little information to your team.

Tip: If you are already done with the stage of the brand audit, you would have all the important information that you need to add to your creative brief. With the right kind of creative brief, you would have all the employees on the same page.

Mistake No 6: No Approvals

You and your team need an efficient and strong process, a process that is streamlined and everyone is on the same page. The differences and problems are the things that make the team crazier and inefficient. Unless you have a team that works on the last minutes, one of the biggest things that make the overall rebranding process easy is getting approvals beforehand.

The tip to remember is there are various rebranding elements and every one of them needs an approval from known stakeholders. As you make your timeless, you should make sure you have a lot of time in your hand to get all the approvals done.

Wrapping up

Do not rush the overall process, take your time and then start rebranding. Its better go late and go prepared instead of going early and unprepared.