Top 20 Stream Services Animated Logos

Gone are the days when people used to watch traditional TV channels and enjoy them. Today people are more prone to watch Netflix and pause their shows whenever they want. There is no compulsion of watching it for a definite period, you can watch whatever you want whenever you wish to. It is not just Netflix, there are many different video streaming software and websites that have made spending your leisure time more fun and entertaining. One of the many things that we ignore about these video streaming websites or other websites is the logo that they carry.

Let’s discuss some of the famous streaming website logos that you need to know about.

1) Netflix

Netflix logo animation

The current Netflix logo is pretty new and they have endowed it with different animations and shortened it to its initial only which is “N”. the whole process is done in a very particular way, so if you look at it in a closer way at first glance you would see the new variant is not really different from the original one but when you look at it with a very keen eye or compare the old one and the new one you would see the difference very clearly.

2) Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime animated logo

The logo idea behind Amazon’s logo is not hidden from anyone and literally, everybody knows about it. However, when it comes to talking about Amazon Prime Video the arrow starts from the “I” and points to “E”. Therefore, you cannot see the original concept in it. The logo designers shifted the arrow without giving it a particular meaning. However, the arrow does look like a famous Nike swoosh, but the meaning of the symbol is still pretty unknown.

3) Disney Plus

Disney plus logo animation

The logo is almost the same as the Disney brand however, this Disney Plus logo has a “+” symbol added to the previous logo. The wordmark is basically an iconic typeface of the corporate world that is written with white font on a blue and purple gradient It is to be executed in a monochrome theme. The added Plus symbol is of the same color as the overall Disney Plus letters and has a thin arched line that comes out of it to the left. The arched line gives a shadow of a rainbow or a trace like a falling star.

4) Funimation

Funimation logo animation

It is an entertainment company that is based in Texas and focuses on the distribution and dubbing of East Asian media which includes anime as well. The company logo initially was just the amalgamation of different geometrical shapes that were inspired by an exclamation mark. Throughout the years, the logo went through multiple changes and ended up with rounded letters, and “O” was simply replaced by a “smiling” circle.

5) Hulu

Hulu animation logo

Hulu is not a name unknown to anybody; it has changed a lot and the logo has become a massive part of the overall transition of the organization. The last time when the logo was changed was in 2018. It is still the same, the only change that was made in 2018 was the simple light green font was added as a part of the overall visual identity of Hulu. The gradient however was removed again as it did in 2014.

6) HBO Max

HBO Max Logo Animation

HBO Max is comparatively a newer and more advanced video streaming website that was created in 2020, however, the public did not find out about it until last year. HBO has been in the industry since 1980 but when we talk about HBO Max, it came in recently. The H-B-O of the brand has its own logo with bold dark lines and narrow letter spaces. The Max factor of the logo is now reduced to lower case and the color is changed to blue.

7) Peacock tv

Peacock tv animated logo

The NBC peacock story is a well-known channel and is known for its killer shows and movies that it represents. The logo is quite self-explanatory as it shows different colors and the peacock itself is quite colorful too. With the right kind of ideation, the organization has finalized a perfect logo for the brand.

8) Crunchy roll

Crunchyroll Logo Video Animation

No, we are not specifically talking about the crunchy roll that you can eat so no need to droll over it. The focus here is entirely on the logo whose prominent part is the orange circle. It is however not perfectly symmetrical but its shape is based on it. The logo and icon are both fun and bright because of the colors used in them.

9) Paramount +

Paramount + animation logo

Paramount studio is known for different classic movies that we all love such as Forrest Gump, Godfather, and the very famous Avengers but did you know there is a hidden meaning behind the logo? Ever since the foundation of the company, majestic mountains have always been a part of it. When you look at it the logo represents 22 stars which say that the studio has more stars than even the universe has.

10) Apple Tv

Apple logo animation

Apple Tv is undoubtedly our favorite form of video streaming network, mainly because of the class that it belongs to. Nevertheless, when it comes to the logo of Apple Tv. It is pretty straight and simple, the logo shows the original apple logo (a bit cut apple) along with “tv” written in front of it. The logo was redesigned in 2019 and it is the simplest and the best one until now.

11) Fubo Tv

FuboTv animated logo

The name might not be quite known to you or anyone, but it is quite famous in specific areas of the USA. The Fubo Tv logo is pretty simple and straight, and the title is written in orange color and lowercase. Similarly, the TV is placed on top of “O” and in a greyish tone. The Logo is simple yet very attractive.

12) Philo Dub Production

Logo animation for Philo Dub Production

It is a name unknown to no one but its logo story is quite interesting as the logo is again quite simple and straightforward. With a movie camera on the logo and three circles below it, the designers simply added the brand name to the logo. One of the reasons it is so loved and adored is because of its simplicity.

13) Starz

Starz Logo Animation

The last time when the logo was designed was in 2016, it has been a long time since it but the logo still stands right. The simplicity of it is what brings out the best of the logo and has become a favorite of everyone. The brand name is simply written in uppercase and black shade, straight and to the point.

14) ESPN Plus

ESPN Logo animation

ESPN Plus logo is simple yet very creative with the red dark shade and simply ESPN Plus written in text explains how very straightforward the whole brand is. The only purpose to add the bright shade of red is to show expressiveness along with the vivid nature and a bit of tension as well.

15) Tubi tv

Tubi tv animated logo

The logo shows how with simplicity and creativity you can send your message across just right. The designers kept it super simple with text written in lower case and the combo of orange and white just proved how attractive and bright the whole look actually is.

16) Plex Tv

Plex Tv animated logo

After almost a decade the brand finally retired the logo and brought it all together for the new brand. This time the brand made sure to bring all the facets, features and look and feel of the company to reflect through the logo. The brand is constantly taking risks to be more transparent and open in front of customers.

17) Twitch Tv


In the initial days when the brand has launched the founders used the wordmark symbol that featured the light grey inscription of Twitch. Due to the difference in gradient the symbol has different depths. The very first letter of Twitch is an extended end and owing along with the other letters that are lying lower than all glyphs.

18) Vudu Tv

VUDU Green Screen Logo Animation

Yet again we have another logo that is both simple and creative, the logo is straightforward and clearly states what the brand is about. With the simple text written in blue gradient in the white background.

19) Discovery plus

discovery plus originals logo

Discovery plus is one another logo that is both creative and simple. The “D” of the logo is filled with different colors and has numerous shades in it. Along with it is the “+” symbol that shows the brand name perfectly.

20) Directv Logo

DirecTV Logo animation

The logo of Directv was changed just last year and the new logo reflects exactly what the brand name is. Just how directly they have added the text of the brand and kept it as a logo. The redesigning of the logo did not have any impact on its typeface. However, one thing that was changed was its inscription appearance.

Wrapping up

Logo designing is undoubtedly one of the most important forms of overall branding. And when we talk about Amazon Prime or Netflix or Disney or just any other business, apart from their name one thing that distinguishes them from their competitors is the logo. A logo designer just has to be top-notch in order to ensure that the brand is delivering its message just right. With the right kind of design and message delivery service, your logo can bring in a lot of attention from the right consumers and customers.