Demystifying WooCommerce Cost: How Much Would You Pay to Launch an Online Store?

So, finally you’ve decided to start your own ecommerce store!

And kudos to your choice for picking WooCommerce as your sidekick to make a successful ecommerce portfolio. We know what’s on your mind that you’ve decided to run a WooCommerce-powered store.

You want to know WooCommerce cost to start your online selling journey, right?

Well, you’ve landed on the right page to understand everything about WooCommerce, its pricing plans and other associated prices to run a WooCommerce store. Let’s start with the key question – how much dose WooCommerce cost to run a store?

WooCommerce Cost Demystified

Here’s the good news!

WooCommerce is a FREE plugin so you’ll be covering $0/- as WooCommerce cost.

Yes, it’s true!

See, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that you can install on your online store and reap the unlimited benefits it offers.

Other Prices Necessary for a WooCommerce Powered Store

You might be thinking if there’s $0/- WooCommerce costs then why every article on internet talks about its pricing to run a WooCommerce-powered store?

Yes, WooCommerce is free but there are other prices that you’ll have to pay to run a WooCommerce-based online store.And we’re about to discuss all of them, below, in detail so you can plan your online store launch with correct costing.

Domain Price

In order to start your WooCommerce store, you would need to register a domain name!

A domain name is essential to start your WooCommerce store since it will be used by your visitors to reach the store. There are many options where you can register a domain name and continue creating your online store.

Now, the question arises how much does a domain cost?

Usually, a domain would cost you around $10/- and if you include add-ons like SSL certificate for protection, it may go up.

So, for calculating the WooCommerce cost, you can say the total spending on a domain will be under $20/-.

Hosting Price

Now, let’s move to the second step for concluding the WooCommerce cost – hosting price!

Registering a domain is first part of creating your WooCommerce store but without hosting, you can’t execute this plan.

Although WordPress does offer a hosting plan but for WooCommerce store, there are specialized hosting packages that you can buy.

There are many options when it comes to hosting plans including dedicated hosting, shared hosting, cloud, and reseller hosting options. And they all have a varying price for starting a WooCommerce store.

The minimum hosting price is $10/- per month and can go up to $80/- depending on the features your hosting provider offers.

So, we can assume the hosting price between $120/- to $960/- per year!

Theme Cost

After you buy a domain and a hosting plan, it’s time to add the theme in your WooCommerce cost!

Although, there are various free WordPress themes that you can install but for a WooCommerce store, you’d need a special theme. Having a WooCommerce store them is essential to properly execute your store launch as it will have all the necessary features that can contribute to your UX.

Generally, a theme would cost about $15/- to $56/- if you opt to Theme Forest!

But here, we’re talking about a WooCommerce store theme that should come with more functionality for enhancing UX of every visitor.

And this would cost you about $80/- or more!

The WooCommerce theme cost largely depends on the kind of niche of your store and the features it offers that can determine the success of your online selling journey.

Store Development Cost

Although, the WooCommerce themes are pretty easy to install but that all depends on your development knowledge.

You’d need to hire a website developer for customizing your WooCommerce theme!

And this hiring is another addition to your calculation of exact WooCommerce cost that is necessary for creating and launching your store.

A developer would cost you around $400/- to $750/- and if you’re a little short on money, platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are a great way to find a developer under $80/-.

WooCommerce Plugin Price

Lastly, you’d need to consider buying some plugins that will add up the final WooCommerce cost for launching a new store.

Since you’ll be selling your products, having these essential plugins will prove detrimental for your store’s success. The plugins that you must have in your WooCommerce store are:

  • Stripe – FREE/2.9% + $0.30 per transaction)
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices – FREE
  • Yoast for WooCommerce – $69/yr
  • Product Import/Export Plugin – Free/$69 for premium version
  • MalCare Security – Free/$99 for premium version
  • Beeketing – FREE/Premium Add-ons
  • WP LiveChat – Free/$16 for premium version
  • MailChimp – FREE/$6 for 500 contacts
  • Facebook for WooCommerce – FREE

Total Cost:  Around $253/-

So, this was all you need to know about WooCommerce cost for launching your store!

Remember, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that beats most other ecommerce platforms with its amazing features and has a $0/- cost. But you’ll have to pay for other elements necessary to launch your ecommerce store.