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Tips to Create a Logo for Construction Company

Table of Contents

Logo designing is no walk in the park and we are aware of all the problems and issues that a person goes through when designing a logo. When a logo is professional, it brings in next-level credibility to the overall construction brand. When people look at you, they expect some professional help from the construction company when they see a professional logo. To get professional help, it is important you take help from the logo design agency. All the logo design service online help is important when it comes to a construction company establishing their business in the market.

If you are looking to attract customers with big projects and you want to make a name in the market it is important you design a logo that explains and reflects your brand and competency. The first step of logo designing process is to search for someone who can make me a logo, that is how I started. When I found a logo design agency that decided to make a logo for me, I made sure I communicate all the important information to them and get every message across. Whatever industry you are working in, whether it is a consumer industry or business industry, the construction company has a huge scope which makes them a lot more to prove. When you have a strong logo and perfect branding message from the beginning your credibility in the market is good and people trust your brand. While running a serious business, you have to start taking care of the quality as well.

If being a construction company, you want to get your logo designed here are a few tips that you must keep on your fingertips and get it all done.

1) Research Yourself

Before you get into the job of getting your logo designed, it is imperative for you to decide what you are in the market for and how you want to serve your customers? Decide who you are? Being in a construction company you have your vision and mission ready and you know what to do for the future. Your brand positioning should lead the logo design and it should not be another way around. You know that your brand comes from different intangible and tangible qualities, that exactly explain your whole business model and the customer experience that you are about to deliver.

There must be meaning and an influence of your brand even if you do not have a logo. Try to communicate this meaning and influence to your logo designer and make sure they are replicating it all in the logo as well. Figure out how you are helping the customers in the market? And then use all those details to design the logo for your brand?

Following answers, you MUST have

a) What kind of customers are you serving?
b) Which construction fields are you working in?
c) What services and brand promises are you making??
d) How would you explain your brand personality and values?
2) Get Inspired by Your Competitors

Your competitors and other brands are the main inspiration that you should be working on for your logo design idea. For starters, make sure you are not designing the logo that is way too similar to your competitor’s logo. However small your logo is, make sure it is recognizable and your audience can spot it and your brand identification is done right on the spot. Moreover, do not go for the images that are too common, it loses the meaning of your brand and you end up with something too generic.

All you have to do is have a quick online research and you can spot the similarities with all the other common motifs. Along with that you can also see all the icons and images that have been overused without any interpretation. You may have come across skyscrapers and rooftops hundreds of times in the construction logo, if you are going for them again. Know that you are getting into something very mediocre. It is perfectly fine to get your logo inspiration from your competitors but you have to bring in your own creativity too, to stand out in the market.

What you can do is collect a few references of all the images of the construction logo that you like online. Try to fit them in your logo and see how you can make some changes in them. What do you think first caught your attention when you looked at the logo? What are the most memorable element that you liked in the logo? Take inspiration from all these things and then design your logo accordingly.

3) Create a Concept for Your Logo

Once you think you have designed the while mojo, make sure you are translating your ideas into the visual concept. The best logo evokes recognition in a few seconds only, it expresses the brand personality and recognizes your industry as well. Make sure you are using all your brand values along with your qualities to select the colors, fonts and symbols that reflect your brand and business.

4) Logo Images

When working on the logos of a construction company, you should think of the precisions, economic growth, stability and improvement as well. Since, all this industry is about form and structure, geometric designs that naturally work well in all kind of the construction logo. Keeping this in mind you must think about all kind of the symbols and objects that you can use in the logo.

For example

Tools: hammers, drills, measuring tools, toolboxes, wrenches, spackles, blueprints.
Supplies accessories: nails, bricks, beams, hard hats, lumber, paintbrushes.
Structures: buildings, bridges, houses, fences, roadways, towers and roofs.
Equipment/ machinery: bulldozers, cranes, jackhammers, forklifts, backhoes, excavators.

If you think you have an expertise in one kind of the subcontracting field, which include masonry, roofing or even pipefitting, it is more possible for you to be particular with your images. Possibilities are limitless with the use of lightbulbs, road construction signs, paint cans, protractors and pipes.

All you have to do is think about how you can work on the basic concepts a step forward in order to develop a good and creative logo. Further add a unique text to make sure the text aligns with the construction company and reflects the whole brand.

Your brand name is one of the most important sources of inspiration. Make sure you have established a clear connection between the image and the word, so your logo is comprehensible.

5) Logo Fonts

Your logo typography is also one of the most important steps of your construction design logo, it should match the whole artwork tone. Moreover, in case you are going for the solo wordmark, it is imperative for you to choose the font that capture the whole brand spirit. The sans-serif along with the heavyweight fonts are the famous choice for the whole construction logos. The overall sleet lettering and bold font sums up all the qualities that are linked with the buildings, that are both imposing, sturdy and tough.

On the other hand, you must also see that the serif fonts have really authentic quality that are linked with the timeless along with the traditional values, which includes reliability and trust. The expertise of time honors along with attention to detail and personable service. You must try both the sans and serif both styles that can figure out what goes with your idea the best.

6) Logo Colors

Okay this is something that you can never let go of, it is imperative to make sure you are choosing just the right colors that can reflect your logo. It should appeal to all your senses. Even if all the details of your logo are murky the customers will always remember the colors of your logo and that is why you should choose the right colors. You must choose the colors that should go with the print media.

The promotional and networking advertising are also important in the whole construction industry since these are the advertising that look better local signs, uniforms and vehicles as well. A simple logo design with the top contrast should have all the kind of top recall therefore, you must not overdo it with the extra information. You must choose one or two shades that can represent the brand story that you must have outlined. You can differentiate the logos through the use of bright colors.