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Best Game of Thrones Logo Designs to Make Your Brand Standout In 2023

Best Game of Thrones Logo Designs to Make Your Brand Standout In 2023

Game of Thrones, one of the best TV series to hit your TV screens in this decade saw the epic finale shed tears in eye of fans. Though this action-packed tale has come to an end, the hype will live for many years to come. One thing that we can inherit from all the eight seasons of Game of Thrones is the beauty, uniqueness and elegance of symbols that fans witnessed. These symbols, or popularly known as a Game of Thrones logos, represent different House Sigils in the series. Well, you can also use these logo designs and come up with a unique and attractive brand logo to represent your business. If you are wondering which GOT symbol to use for your brand logo, here is shortlist of the best Game of Thrones symbols.

Best Game of Thrones Logos For 2023

1.The Direwolf

The Direwolf logo is the House Stark’s sigil. It’s a grey logo with a green or white background. The purpose behind this logo for this house is that wolves usually are found living in colder climates and northern areas. Also, the logo matches the house words – “Winter is Coming”! Apart from that, wolves are known to be tolerant of harsh climate conditions. Also, these species are loyal to their packs even when they aren’t traveling together. The background used in this logo can be considered a symbol of peace, innocence and good.

Why Should You Choose the Wolf as Your Logo?

Regardless of the fact that you wish to use the Direwolf or wolf as the symbol for your logo design, it should be clear to you that this symbol represents toughness, unity and freewill. As a logo of your brand, it can highlight that your business has the following attributes, intelligence, compassion, and the ability to evolve to market conditions. Due to these factors, the wolf is used as a symbol by the following types of organizations;

  • Sports Equipment Manufacturers
  • Educational Institutes
  • Consultancy Firms
  • Outdoor Equipment and Activities Organizers
  • Sports Teams

Here are a few samples that can inspire you to use the Direwolf as a symbol for your logo.  

Direwolf logo Looking for a gaming logo? Contact us

2.The Dragon

The House Targaryen is represented by a 3-headed red dragon with a black background. This sigil is known to one of the most popular Game of Thrones logos being used by many brands. To be precise, the dragon represents wisdom, luck and power. On the other hand, the red color that is used symbolizes death, anger, respect and victory. Also, to make the red dragon look perfect, the black background is used.

Why is the Dragon one of the best Game of Thrones Symbols?

Have you watched the Game of Thrones series? If not, let me tell you that House Targaryen has used the dragon wisely as the symbol that represents their kingdom. By matching it with “Fire and Blood” motto is the reason behind choosing the red and black combination with a three-headed dragon. We highly recommend such Game of Thrones logos as they represent defense, loyalty, bravery and strength. Also, it enables you to get a logo that your audience will get attracted to and remember. Considering the dragon being commonly used in China, many Asian brands are inspired by this symbol. However, even if you aren’t operating in Asia, you can consider using a dragon icon to create your new brand logo if you belong to the following industries;

  • Gaming
  • Surveillance and Security
  • Medicine
  • Energy Drinks
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Sports Equipment

3.The Flower

The golden flower on a green background that represents grass is the sigil of House Tyrell. If you are looking for Game of Thrones symbols that represent compassion and love, then the flower is an ideal choice. However, not many know that this Game of Throne logo also symbolizes confidentiality. Because this symbol is associated with the God of secrecy and silence, Harpocrates. The golden color also means higher importance and a sign of perfection.

Why The Flower is one of the Best Game of Thrones Logos to Choose?

Many brands use flowers in their logos to reflect a compassionate image within the industry. Apart from that, such a symbol also signifies generosity, willingness to make new connections, and growth potential. However, which flower you choose to represent your brand depends on you and the nature of your business. All brands that operate in any of the following industry can consider using this Game of Thrones symbols as their brand logo;

  • Grocery Stores
  • Women’s Apparel and Fashion
  • Photography
  • Beauty Products
  • Health
  • NGO’s
  • Educational Institutions

4.The Sun

House Martell’s Oberyn Martell, a.k.a. The Red Viper was introduced in season 4 while proving how ruthless this clan was in season 5 and 6. If you take a look at this sigil, you’ll understand that it fits perfectly for House Martell. The orange background with a spear piercing the yellow sun shows power and dedication to conquer. This sigil rightly represents passion that members of this house had during the time of war.

How can a Sun become the Perfect Symbol of Your Brand?

The sun is known to be the most powerful element in the universe as all planets rotate around it. In fact, a particular group of people even worship the sun considering it a God or ruling element in this world. If you want this star to represent your brand, then it’d be great if you belong to one of the following industries;

  • Travel
  • Food and Natural products
  • Construction
  • Security
  • Lighting Product Manufacturer or Supplier

5.The Kraken

The Greyjoys and krakens were seen in season 5 of the series. This house’s sigil is a golden kraken with a black background. The kraken is known to be a legendary and ancient creature known to be an ancestor of the octopus. This Game of Throne logo symbolizes unpredictability, intelligence, complexity, defense and mystery. The background also suits these attributes and give it more meaning.

Find out why your Audience will Love this Game of Thrones Symbols

Though this symbol is considered one of the negative Game of Thrones logos, brands will use it to represent adaptability, will, creativity, diversity and dedication. It also hints that your brand is independent and has the potential to survive in any economic condition. Considering these attributes, if you are in any of the following industries that similar Game of Thrones symbols will be great for you;

  • Entertainment and Media
  • Game and Web Development
  • Sports Gear
  • Water Sports Activities
  • Marine Product Supplier
  • Energy Drink

6.The Stag

The sigil of the illustrious house, House Baratheon, is a dark stag with a gold crown against a gold foundation. This sigil is very adaptable and multi-faceted simply like Renly, Stannis and Robert Baratheon. It symbolizes insight, development, and masculinity. As stags recharge their prongs routinely, they’re an image of recovery. This is particularly evident considering the branch-like appearance of their prongs. This creature is likewise an image of imperial status and manly qualities. The expansion of the crown further affirms this as the headgear symbolizes authority, force, and eminence. Additionally, the crown’s shading brings out sentiments of distinction as it implies riches and high caliber.

Why Use the Mighty Stag Symbol as Your Logo?

The stag is genuinely one of the most flexible components you can remember for your logo. Notwithstanding its implications in GOT, it’s an image of effortlessness, enchantment, and harmony. It brings out the feelings of modesty, inventiveness, kindness, and wellbeing. It additionally emanates responsive vitality and delights in straightforwardness. On account of these differentiating implications, you’ll have to place a lot of thought into the structure of the stag itself just as the hues you use in your logo. In any case, you can’t turn out badly by having it speak to your image if it’s in the accompanying enterprises:

  • Yoga
  • Entertainment and Arts
  • Natural Foods and Supplements
  • Fashion and Clothing
  • Car Accessories

7.The Lion

House Lannister’s sigil, one of the most popular and recognized Game of Thrones logos, is the lion. Apart from power, the lion represents leadership, wisdom, fierceness and bravery. Be that as it may, Lannister House’s lion conveys the undercurrents of pride and hunger for power also. Picking gold as the shade of the lion additionally predicts its significance and riches. The red foundation further supplements the lion while speaking to scorn, death, and outrage.

Why Should a Lion Logo be a Great Idea for Your Brand?

The lion has been used by this house to show justice, authority, and to generate the trust of protection amongst their followers. It also signifies power, control and honor. When you use this GOT symbol it will convey to your clients that they should have faith in your service and products. Or, if you are a gamer who wants their opponents to fear your skills, then this GOT logo is the right fit for you. Also, here are a few industries and purposes of relying on this Game of Thrones Sigil.

  • Sports Equipment Provider
  • Sports Club
  • Media Enterprises
  • Financial institutions
  • Educational Institutes
  • Gaming

Your emotions and message will strongly enter the market, even in your initial stages. Here are a few samples to see how a lion can make your brand logo look appealing.  

Lion logo Need a gaming logo? Contact us

Which Game of Thrones Logos is best for you?

Choosing a logo is one of the most challenging aspects you can come across. It’s one thing that you’ll have to live with regardless of succeeding or failing in your approach. Also, you have to decide whether you are going for a wordmark logo, monogram, or a pictorial that’ll be inspired by any one of the Game of Thrones symbols mentioned above. The choice will always be yours. Make sure you choose the one considering the nature of your brand. We have mentioned the industries suitable for each GOT symbol. Which Game of Thrones Logos do you thinks are best for brands to try in 2023? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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