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5 Ways to Create More Effective Instagram Story Ads for Your Brand

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The popularity of Instagram does not seem to stop. And, there’s a solid reason for this spike. More than a billion people use Instagram and roughly 500 million users utilize Instagram Stories daily.

From a digital marketing perspective, it makes sense to invest in Instagram Story Ads to grow your business. If you are not making the most out of Instagram Stories you’re missing out on a lot of online advertising potential.

In this article, I will cover some creative tactics you need to shine in your Instagram Stories Advertising; along with some examples to get you started.

What are Instagram Story Ads?

Instagram Story Ads are videos that you can share for a limited duration. On Instagram you are not restricted to 24 hours like WhatsApp or Facebook stories ads; but you can choose the duration and frequency of your ads.

What makes Instagram Story Ads different from other social network sites is the feature of ad formatting. This is where you have the freedom of choosing different mediums of display like a photo, video, or even carousel as well as making sure to choose the best time to post for optimal engagement..

Ways to Create More Effective Instagram Story Ads

Posting Instagram Story Ads is one of the sure ways to boost brand awareness. Here are some of the effective ways to create compelling ones. Instagram Story Ads.

  1. The Need for Speed

You don’t have enough scope to linger around your main message in an Instagram Story Ad format so be precise and deliver your message in the most concise and catchy way.

Time restrictions

  • Images: 5 seconds
  • Videos: 120 seconds
  1. Motion and Sound Effects

Viewers are bound to be more attracted to ads that have motion and sound effects. Make use of voice-over capabilities and motion to capture the attention of your viewers. You can also go a step further by conducting A/B testing to see what elements work best for your video.

  1. Create Original Instagram Story Ads

When using Instagram Story Ads, it’s better to create original content rather than using the same ads created for some other advertising vertical. To be effective, your ad should be different, and one way to do that is by conceptualizing the idea specifically for the platform and format.

Here is an example from Bolt Food that is visually appealing and quite different from the usual stories found on other social media platforms. You can see that this ad was specifically created for Instagram Story Ads and so it’s able to provide a unique appeal.

Create Original Instagram Story Ads


  1. Include Readable Texts in Your Instagram Ads

When advertising on Instagram creating your ad, be creative in finding ways to grab the attention of your viewers. One of the most effective methods is by adding texts to your background designs which emphasize the key aspects of your advertising message. The clearer your message, the easier it is to reach the right audience.

Babbel does this well. Check out how they split their message into a main message at the top and further support it with text within an image of their user interface underneath.

Include Readable Texts in Your Instagram Ads


  1. Use CTAs (Call-to-action) Smartly

At the end of the day, you want your Instagram Story Ad to generate some sort of response from your potential customers viewers. That is what we call CTA. Terms like “Sign-up now,” “Learn more,” “Register now,” or “Buy Now” help you to encourage your viewers to take further action.

This ad by Bloomberg is a great example with its clear call to action to “Subscribe” at the bottom.

Use CTAs (Call-to-action) Smartly



These are just some of the tactics you can use for your Instagram Story Ads to reach more customers. When creating your ads, don’t be afraid to use marketing tools to successfully meet your campaign goals. Gget creative and experiment with ideas that haven’t been done before. Your ad might just be the first to trend!