5 Reasons to Choose SEO Yoast

Search engine optimization management is no walk in the park, it gives an extensive form of reach to the customers only if the proper and effective utilization of SEO tools is done. One of the reasons link building and SEO are done without compromising on the quality is because they do not generally cost exorbitant amounts of money. Out of many other workable SEO tools, one of the tools that diligently works is Yoast, it is one of the most used and effective SEO tools yielding a lot of profits for its customers.

Most bloggers looking for organic reach take help from Yoast and once it approves your content and gives you the green signal, your website is all set to flourish in the web engine. One of the many reasons why Yoast is treated better than the other SEO tools by the search engine management services is because it is easy to use and quite self-explanatory. You do not have to be a top-notch person to be doing your SEO on Yoast, with just a little to no knowledge, you can manage effective use of Yoast. People who are taking the help from managed SEO services are the ones who are taking the most advantage of this tool.

If you are still confused about whether it is a good SEO tool or not, we can help you out by explaining its features first.

1) Gives Better Content

One of the best things that you can do to your content is run it by SEO Yoast, it creates really good content ensuring you are getting the most out of the post. SEO Yoast ensures the content is up to the mark and is good enough to make Google happy, one of the many things that you can do is write content based on the guidelines given by SEO Yoast, the more and better the overall content is the better it will perform on the search engine.

This plugin offers a Yoast SEO meta box on the post-edit screen. You may add a meta description and titles to your blog post with the help of this meta box. Additionally, it further helps in choosing a focus word for your content. The Yoast SEO plugin assesses the post’s content in relation to the focus keyword once you’ve decided on it. Then, it assigns it an SEO rating. It also offers suggestions for steps that can be made to raise SEO rankings. The best thing is you won’t need to monitor your SEO score after using it for a few months because you’ll be carrying out those tasks on your own. However, having it there enables you to review your work for SEO before publishing.

2) Represent or Hide Content

Not every piece of content is supposed to go on the Search engine, some is supposed to be hidden to ensure good and effective ranking of the search engine. One of the reasons why Yoast can be very helpful is because it can detect spam and bot content and remove it right on time. Furthermore, you can use it to develop a landing page for all your campaigns without making any effort to search on the search results. You can do that by adding no-index to pages you don’t want to be indexed, it will restrict search engines.

Yoast SEO adds canonical link components to your website. This facilitates the selection of links that search engines should index. For instance, the content from your postings appears on your archive pages. Google is made aware that a post on an archive page contains a canonical link to the original one all thanks to Yoast SEO. Additionally, it enables you to hide tags, archive pages, no-index category articles, and author archives on blogs with a single author.

3) Integration of Search Console and XML Sitemaps

The best thing about SEO Yoast is, you do not need to install a new plugin for XML sitemaps when you have Yoast SEO for WordPress. It creates exceptional XML sitemaps for the whole website and further uploads them to different search engines including both Bing and Google simultaneously. Furthermore you can also add the sitemaps manually to the different tools’ accounts, however, you can also get it integrated into the dashboard. Without leaving the dashboard of your WordPress, Yoast is important for you to monitor how well your overall site performs.

4) Protects the RSS Feed

People often end up establishing scraper websites, which is one of the main issues that the whole website confronts. All these scraper websites further use the RSS feeds of the other sites in order to curate material from the whole internet. The different software installed uses the feeds of RSS of all the other websites and can be used to fetch material and publish it too. It can be pretty harmful for the website because search engines often prioritize such sites.

5) File Editing

It is extremely important to check or inspect the overall access of the site and robots.txt files as well after regular intervals. All these files are placed in the directory of the roots of your website and you will also need an FTP client in order to access them. With the help of Yoast SEO, the built-in tool lets you see your http.access along with the robots.txt files. All these files can also be edited from the dashboard of your WordPress directly. Nevertheless, we strongly advise that you use proper caution while you are changing these files.

Wrapping up

SEO Yoast is undoubtedly one of the best SEO tools to use to ensure your content is well optimized and approved by Google. All the self-bloggers use SEO Yoast and depend on it as it brings them organic reach.